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Hogwarts...A World Hidden Away...'s Journal

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12th September 2003

trouble_x_29:37pm: Merlin! Been so busy lately we don't know what to do! And on top of that, Fred's gone and made himself sick. Though that could also be my fault. I probably shouldn't have shagged him in the rain.

Anyway, we've been back and forth from Hogwarts to the store to other, unsavory places for Dumbledore. We're beat, exhausted, and Fred's at the point of collapsing. --I sent him to our room to sleep, the bloody stubborn thing.

Now, I believe, I'm going to relax a bit before we leave Hogwarts. I can truthfully say I've earned the respite.

Current Mood: exhausted

1st September 2003

dumble_dore_1:48pm: Announcements
A new Year Beginning...

With many questions I am sure. In due time, Students, in due time.

Allow me to take this opportunity to make an announcement.

A Ball.

A Masquerade to be exact. Let us start off the new year with a little fun, shall we?

All are welcome to attened, including those still here from last years graduating class, in fact, attendance is mandatory.

I am around for any and all who wish to talk.

Albus Dumbledore

31st August 2003

redjudas12:30pm: Matters of the Ministry
After a brief meeting, the Ministry of Magic has decided to ...step in, regarding the matter of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its subsequentail, "lock down".

I, Percival M. Weasley, will be taking up residence in the school as a representative of the Ministry of Magic. By doing this, we will be able to monitor the happenings in the school and ease the worry of all parents and guardians with loved ones inside. This recent addition by the Ministry is more to quell the droll and trivial ramblings of one "Daily Prophet" article published last week that stated; "The Ministry of Magic fully supports the lock down of the school, and the inadvertent hostages that the students have become. " I would like to say here, and now, that the Ministry in no way supports this decision made by solely headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and it would do very well to say now, that we are trying our very best to work out this problem.

After several inquiries of other Ministry members, Albus Dumbledore refused to state as to the reasoning why the school was locked down. It is unclear, at the moment if he intends to allow new students into the school, or the graduating class ...out. In the event that no other persons besides Ministry members will be traveling past Hogwart's gates, we will be sure to have provisions and packages-- after they are carefully checked out, of course, from the student's family's sent in. It is in the Ministry's best interest to favor, Albus Dumbledore at the moment, as no student has been harmed, and there is enough provision in the school already to hold for a good deal of years. But we are working vigilantly to have the problem sorted out.

There was a similar situation like this at Clagary in 1954, I will be happy to refer you to. In that instance, the school was locked down to keep in an outbreak of malaria. Not saying that Hogwarts is infected with Malaria, of course not. But after twenty-four trials and a trip to the Ministry Justices and high court over the span of 18 years, the situation was sorted out. Lets hope for such a speedy recovery here!

If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns, please, do not hesitate to ask me. You may find me at your leisure in my apartments on the first floor, then, you may make an appointment, and I will get back to you at the most convenient time.

Thank you.

dragonly_charms11:10am: Ah, good old Hogwarts...It's been a while since I've returned here.

Bet the lot of you are going mad. Poor things. Well, it's almost the first...It's not like you won't have anything to do once the term starts, right?

I'm visiting for a while, so if anybody needs me, I'll be around. Most likely in the library.

28th August 2003

angelified3:29pm: Cho, visiting
It's great to be back. Nothing's changed, except the lock on the door. Makes me wish I'd never left. I missed everybody so much.

Well.. I guess I'll go to the kitchen for a spot of tea before I head out. I'll be in there if anybody needs me.
Current Mood: thoughtful
angelified11:59am: Cho, visiting..
I've been walking the corridors for almost an hour, and I haven't seen anyone.

Where is everybody?

Oliver! I know where that room you're looking for is! That's where the DA meetings were held.
Current Mood: determined
trouble_x_29:52am: I really hate getting George up. He's the worst for sleeping in! It nearly always takes underhanded tactics.

But then, it is pretty funny watching him stumble to the bathroom, soaked and grumbling. F.

Mmmph. Arse. G.

Of course. F.

Anyway.. Wood! Good to hear from you again! We're supposed to be heading over that way sometime, so we'll catch up with you then if you don't mind. G.

How could he mind, George? ^_~ Everyone knows he's secretly in love with the two of us. F.

Oh, right! Merlin, can't believe I forgot something so important as that. G.

..I always said I was the smarter twin. F.

-_- Arse. G.

And proudly. F.
Current Mood: groggy

27th August 2003

silver_prince1:06pm: Has anyone seen Potter?

I need to have a word with him.
gryffcoachwood9:27am: I've been looking for the room for a good day or two now, and I've got the ground floor, second floor, and seventh floor eliminated from possibilities.

I can't possibly do this alone, though. Anyone want to help me find it?

For the love of Quidditch, please!
Current Mood: frustrated

25th August 2003

sly_snake8:40pm: All students partaking in my extra classes tomorrow will note that they've been cancelled.

That will be all.

24th August 2003

mr_a_weasley2:13pm: At the Burrow
This is maddening.

In all the days that Ron and Ginny have been under lock down at school, I've yet to be able to visit them. We've been up to our ears with work at the Ministry ever since...whatever is happening...started..

I can't stand this questioning atmosphere that lingers in the air these days. We're told they're safe. Safe from what? We're simply told that what's being done is for the best and to trust the decision. I find it hard to put trust in such a vague reassurance; especially when it's my children's well-being that's being dealt with.

I have a feeling that the only way I'll find any answers is to go there myself.
Current Mood: aggravated

23rd August 2003

gryffcoachwood1:27pm: So why is it that, when you get your hopes up and finally leave your room, that the thing you were looking forward to isn't there?

I tried going to that room we talked about, but when I opened the door, it was just...empty. Maybe I went into the wrong room, I don't know.

It's still the one next to the staircase, right? The last one on the right? Or is it the left?

There's still hope, isn't there? Merlin, I hope so. Otherwise I'll go mad. No Quidditch + Me = Nothing good.

22nd August 2003

serpent_tongued12:14pm: Attention, Ronald Weasley:

I am in dire need of a foot massage, and the oils have been warming all day on my burners. You will meet me on the sixth floor, beside the portrait of Morgana Le Fey.

Mistress Blaise

21st August 2003

mister_hero11:46pm: You think you know everything. Seen all there is to see, and then...when you least expect it...something..drastic happens.

Thats right. I went into the library. And Hermione wasn't in there.

red_terror6:30pm: Well this is bloody rediculous. I cannot believe that Dumbledore's locked us in here. What the hell is going on?!?

Ginny, love, have you Owled mum and dad? They'd really want to hear from us I'm sure. And Harry, Hermione, where have you two been!? I've been looking all over and I can't find you!!! (You'd not think that would be a problem, being locked in a castle and all...)

May as well amuse ourselves. Any one up for a game of wizard's chess??
Current Mood: bored
serpent_tongued7:18am: Hmmm, when I can't find anything to wear that looks right, I simply go naked. It's therapeutic and leaves out the middle-man. ;)

But those are stories for other days.

I was almost sad at leaving Hogwarts. So many memories, so many notches on that headboard...but I assumed that I would be on to bigger and better things. And now I'm stuck here, with these people, some of whom I've hated for </i>years</i>.

I'm going to make the best of things, however. I shall endeavor every night to bring cheer to my fellow-man. Because I'm a "people-person." Yes, I think that's what they call it.

Current Mood: cranky
silver_prince11:01am: Blast....
Why is it that when you want to dress to look nice, you can't very well find anything that looks right?

Bloody annoying.

20th August 2003

dolosus_saevio7:17am: Am I wrong in thinking that it is safe to say that when one goes out of ones bloody way to avoid having to deal with others that it stands to reason that they really don't wish for anyone to come checking on them as well?

Or am I simply mad?

Honestly, I thought it rather fucking obvious, but it appears some people do not see it that way. I'm fine, so if you'll please, just fuck off and leave me the hell alone. It will make things that much less uncomfortable for everyone involved.

18th August 2003

tonks_order3:42pm: This place hasn't changed a bit since the last time I was here. Which was only a few years ago, when I graduated, but I'm amazed at how this place always stays the same.

I haven't even been stuck stationed here for a week and already Sir Cadogan has accused me of tripping over the third floor's suit of armor and breaking his foot. I still proclaim innocence (because he's the only witness able to prove anything, ahem). Please ignore both the painting and the armor should they try to convince you of my guilt.

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself while I'm here. I'm not a teacher, and I hope Dumbledore doesn't expect me to attempt it. It's strange being here when I'm no longer a student. I'm not sure what to make of the situation.

Oh, and I'm not at all surprised to see Binns still teaching, even after the old coot distinguished professor kicked the proverbial bucket a few years ago. Hah.
Current Mood: amused
sly_snake11:53am: If there are any competent and well behaved students in this school who crave to continue their studies in Potions, I will begin offering afternoon tutorials.

If you join, all work will count towards your term mark in your next year.

For those of you not returning, you can consider it for fun or some such.
silver_prince11:44am: The La's and Da's
I am getting bored.

I know this because I offered to help Professor Snape pickle leeches.

It certainly is a two person job, but I would have preffered those two people to be Snotter and Weasel, allowing me so sit on the side line and deliver some lovely spells to smack their backsides if they lagged.

Pity it didn't turn out that way.

Professor Snape and I bottled in silence, broken only when I sneezed in a jar accidently and he told me to throw it away.

14th August 2003

iamginny1:29pm: I wish I knew what was going on. I really was looking foward to seeing the rest of my brothers this summer, and now I dont know when I'll see them again. I have to keep thinking good thoughts for now though.

What are we supposed to do around here until classes start again? I never thought I would want classes to start, but what is there to do? We're not allowed out to play quidditch, and you can only play so many games of wizarding chess until you lose your mind.

I think I'll go see if I can find something interesting in the library to read.
Current Mood: bored
sly_snake10:26am: Locked in the school with the brats.

Charming. I shall assign them all extra work.

Perhaps all except Miss Granger who would undoubtedly enjoy it.

Bless be that I am part of the Order and can leave on occasion.
If I was forced to remain here indefinitely I might become sour and bitter and mean.

13th August 2003

silver_prince4:58pm: All in favour of kicking Snotter out to the woods?
I think he'd do well there. Savage beasts and dowdy way of living.

Merlin, Weasel could go to. Be just like home for him. Scrapping with dogs for a bite of dinner.

I'm deathly bored. This place is terrible in the school year, and now we're stuck with more. And on infinite grounds as well. Dispicable.

I'm above this.
gryffcoachwood12:55pm: Well...Hmm.
I guess there isn't too much to say. I was prepared to leave and spend my summer back home in my flat, but now...I'm back here again. I know that I like being here, but being stuck in here is certainly...different.

And no Quidditch. What's Hogwarts without Quidditch? I've been told that there's going to be none whatsoever in the upcoming school year. But Dumbledore insisted that I stay, so I suppose that he has some reason for me to be here.

Other than that, I'm lost as to what's going on. If anyone needs me, I'll be up in my room. Who knows...maybe I'll sift through some of my things and redecorate. I can't just sit still and not do something.
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