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Matters of the Ministry

After a brief meeting, the Ministry of Magic has decided to ...step in, regarding the matter of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its subsequentail, "lock down".

I, Percival M. Weasley, will be taking up residence in the school as a representative of the Ministry of Magic. By doing this, we will be able to monitor the happenings in the school and ease the worry of all parents and guardians with loved ones inside. This recent addition by the Ministry is more to quell the droll and trivial ramblings of one "Daily Prophet" article published last week that stated; "The Ministry of Magic fully supports the lock down of the school, and the inadvertent hostages that the students have become. " I would like to say here, and now, that the Ministry in no way supports this decision made by solely headmaster Albus Dumbledore, and it would do very well to say now, that we are trying our very best to work out this problem.

After several inquiries of other Ministry members, Albus Dumbledore refused to state as to the reasoning why the school was locked down. It is unclear, at the moment if he intends to allow new students into the school, or the graduating class ...out. In the event that no other persons besides Ministry members will be traveling past Hogwart's gates, we will be sure to have provisions and packages-- after they are carefully checked out, of course, from the student's family's sent in. It is in the Ministry's best interest to favor, Albus Dumbledore at the moment, as no student has been harmed, and there is enough provision in the school already to hold for a good deal of years. But we are working vigilantly to have the problem sorted out.

There was a similar situation like this at Clagary in 1954, I will be happy to refer you to. In that instance, the school was locked down to keep in an outbreak of malaria. Not saying that Hogwarts is infected with Malaria, of course not. But after twenty-four trials and a trip to the Ministry Justices and high court over the span of 18 years, the situation was sorted out. Lets hope for such a speedy recovery here!

If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns, please, do not hesitate to ask me. You may find me at your leisure in my apartments on the first floor, then, you may make an appointment, and I will get back to you at the most convenient time.

Thank you.

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